Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)

The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme aims to support employment, social policy and labour mobility across the EU. EaSI is a strand of the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) programme.

Aims & Objectives

As part of ESF+, EaSI follows the same policy objectives with the European Pillar of Social Rights as its main framework. The activities in the 2022 Annual Work Programme of the EaSI strand will also contribute to the EU‘s recovery from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  

The specific priorities for the EaSI strand are as follows:

  • Strengthen employment and skills
  • Help improve social protection and inclusion
  • Improve labour markets and ensure fair labour mobility
  • Foster safe and fair working conditions

What does it support?

Funded activities include:

  • analytical activities (surveys, studies, methodologies, etc.)
  • testing of social experimentations and innovative solutions
  • networking and capacity-building activities
  • EU-wide targeted labour- mobility schemes
  • Communication and dissemination activities (exchange of practices and peer review).

Who can apply?

EaSI supports civil society organisations, administrations, social security institutions and employment services, as well as microfinance institutions and institutions providing finance to social enterprises or other social investment actors.

Why the EU funds social innovation

Read more about EU policy on the Post COVID-19 Recovery Plan.


The overall budget for the EaSI strand for 2021-2027 is € 762 million.

Project Examples

UNIC Project


National Contact Point in Ireland

The Wheel is the national contact point for EaSI in Ireland.

Website: www.easifund.ie

Email: easi@wheel.ie

Open Calls

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