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Key Services

Information & Awareness

We research the EU funding programmes for civil society and disseminate information.

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Training & Special Events

We run information and training events around all aspects of accessing and managing EU funding.

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Helpdesk Support

We provide advice and support to organisations throughout their EU development journey.

You can contact the Access Europe team at europe@wheel.ie.

Network Building

We connect civil society organisations to national contact points and partners in Ireland and around Europe.

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Access Europe were very helpful, professional, and encouraging in all of their dealings with us in Thrombosis Ireland.

Ann Marie O’Neill from Thrombosis Ireland

Access Europe team - love your clarity, drive & passion.

Mary Ferns from L'Arche on the 3-part LEADER training series

Emma, Emily and the team at The Wheel are extremely helpful. They first provided in-depth training and then arranged a one on one call to help us focus our efforts. I am now well-equipped with enough material and knowledge to confidently prepare and apply for the next round of applications.

Louisa MacKenzie from TASC – Think-tank for Action on Social Change

The support from the Wheel was invaluable. I would have given up and not submitted an application if it hadn't been for the Wheel, they made the difference.

Jim Power from Mayo County Council

We are a small charity and we mainly focus on programmes in Asia and Africa. Without the support i've received we wouldn't be able to do it.

Pierluigi Coscia from E-ducare for Youth

We were very happy with the level of support we received from Emily and Emma. You are very knowledgeable, and very good and clear at sharing the knowledge.

Soraya Sobrevía from Mother Tongues

Invaluable information provided to us so that we understand completely criteria and scope of work required as well as partnerships

Caroline Myers from Laois Sports Partnership

It was very daunting to have no experience in this field and trying to understand the different complexities and processes, but working with Emily and Emma helped to make it all make sense. They were very clear, patient and giving with their time and vast knowledge and expertise, making the process manageable

Faye Hayden from Vita House

Open EU Funds

A note from our funder

“It is vitally important that civil society organisations are fully aware of the wide range of possible EU funding opportunities. The Wheel, as National Contact Point, will play a key role to publicise these and to also improve the capacity of civil society to apply for these funding opportunities.”
Thomas Byrne TD
Minister of State for European Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs

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