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Picture by Leave No Trace Ireland from their project "Sustainability and Outdoor Education (SEE)" project funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

The Wheel’s Engaged Research Activities

In 2022, The Wheel started to intensify our work around Engaged Research to support collaborative research projects between the community and voluntary sector and academia.

An Introduction to Engaged Research

We delivered our first Engaged Research event, An Introduction to Engaged Research, in September 2022. Attended by over 100 participants, this online conference featured a panel of representatives from both the nonprofit sector and academia who provided insight on engaged research from the Irish and international contexts. The conference introduced the concept of engaged research or citizen science, highlighted opportunities for civil society organisations to get involved, and showcased best practice case studies and supports available. We concluded the event by announcing an upcoming series of in-person networking days for civil society organisations and academic researchers.

View event slides here

Building a Research Plan for Your Organisation

In December 2022, we hosted a follow-on event, Building a Research Plan for Your Organisation. This workshop focussed on developing organisations’ capacity to participate in engaged research projects by exploring their research needs and goals. Attendees were provided with a step-by-step guide of how to best prepare their organisation for starting out with engaged research projects. Attendees also received templates to create their research plan including an Engaged Research Profile and a Research Proposal Form.

View event slides here

Partnering for Engaged Research: Environment and Climate Action

In March 2023, in collaboration with University College Cork, we delivered our first in-person engaged research networking event Partnering for Engaged Research: Environment and Climate Action. Held on the UCC campus, the event brought together researchers and community representatives working in the environment and climate space to build connections for collaborations and joint EU funded projects.  With 40 participants in attendance, The Wheel’s team facilitated the process and provided tips on how to get the most out of the networking experience. In addition, we presented some of the funding opportunities that are available to researchers and organisations pursuing engaged research projects, such as the EU’s LIFE programme, Horizon Europe, and the Interregs. Participants also engaged in group discussions around nature and biodiversity, the circular economy, clean energy transition, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Partnering for Engaged Research with University of Limerick

In December 2023, in collaboration with University of Limerick, we developed a plan to deliver two engaged research events, Building a Research Plan for Your Organisation and Partnering for Engaged Research with University of Limerick. The first event used the training plan from our previous event with the same name and served as an online training session to prepare civil society organisations for a follow-on in-person networking session in January 2024. The in-person networking session took place on the University of Limerick campus and followed the successful model from our event with UCC. This event brought together researchers & community representatives working in the environment, health and inclusive arts space to build connections for more collaboration & joint projects. Participants had the opportunity to discuss shared challenges and learn about how to access funding together for engaged research.

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