Are you an Irish civil society organisation interested in finding project partners from other EU countries to apply for EU funding?

Would you like to showcase your organisation to potential EU partners?

By creating an EU profile on our partner database, you will have the opportunity to be contacted by organisations both in Ireland and across the EU that are looking for partners. You can also use your profile when reaching out to partners as a handy way to present your organisation and your EU funding goals.

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Sign up now if:

  • You are a non-profit organisation based in Ireland looking for European partners (including NGOs, universities, public bodies).
  • You are interested in participating in EU funding programmes like Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Interreg, Horizon Europe and many more.
  • You would like to showcase your organisation and expand your work throughout Europe

We circulate the database throughout Europe and disseminate it broadly via our partner networks, newsletter and social media channels.

How to create the best possible EU profile?

This is your chance to showcase the great work you do so allocate time to create a quality EU profile!

This profile is designed not just to present your organisation, but to outline what your EU funding goals are, your interests, and the strengths you can bring to projects. It can therefore be the first step in creating an EU funding strategy for your organisation.

Here are some tips to create the best possible EU profile:

  • Explore existing profiles in the partner database for inspiration.
  • Watch our video including single steps on how to create your profile.
  • Read all questions beforehand for preparation.
  • Consult your team. Brainstorm ideas on what you want to achieve through EU funding, and how you want to present your organisation. The more clarity you provide, the easier it will be for potential partners to know if they should contact you. It will also help you to assess which invitations are in line with your overall EU funding strategy for your organisation.

Create your profile here!


  • We cannot guarantee a successful match or project
  • Setting up a profile is for IRISH civil society organisations only.
  • Organisations from other EU countries looking for Irish partners are invited to search our partner database to find a suitable Irish organisation for their planned EU project idea.
  • All profiles will be reviewed by Access Europe staff. We may contact you for clarifications and more information. We cannot guarantee publication of profiles if they do not reach our quality standards.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please reach out to Christina Nuhr of the Access Europe team: