Supports for Organisations Managing EU Funded Projects

February 1, 2023

Access Europe helps Irish civil society groups to access and manage EU funding. It is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and delivered by The Wheel.  

A big part of what we do is showcasing and supporting organisations that are currently running projects. Whether it’s your first time managing a project, or you’re just looking to make a wider impact with your EU work, Access Europe provides a range of free supports, including:  

  1. Project kick off consultancy: The Access Europe team can help you to make sense of your grant agreement, set up a reporting and finance management system, and design your first partner meeting, including templates for workshops on risk management, conflict management and other topics that can help you to set your partnership up for success.
  1. Ongoing project support: Access Europe runs an EU Project Manager Network for civil society employees managing European projects. This network meets quarterly and gives members an opportunity to share their projects, learn from their peers, and access a variety of other member benefits. As a member of the network, you can also reach out to the Access Europe team at any point with any questions you have about running your project as it unfolds.  
  1. Dissemination support: Dissemination is an important part of most EU funded projects and most have ambitious targets in place. To support organisations to reach these targets, and to maximize the huge value that these projects bring to communities in Ireland, Access Europe can provide a range of dissemination supports. With 2000 members across Ireland, a database of over 50,000 contacts, and over 30,000 followers across our social media, The Wheel is an invaluable resource to anyone promoting their EU project in Ireland.  

If you are interested in accessing any of these supports, reach out to our European Programmes Manager Emma Murtagh at  


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