European programmes showcase funding opportunities in Dublin

May 11, 2023

We were delighted to meet the new Minister of State for European Affairs and Defence Peter Burke TD on 4th May to raise awareness of the various European funding opportunities available to Irish civil society organisations.

The event brought together key EU stakeholders to discuss the current status of EU programmes, opportunities available in Ireland, and strategies to improve access to EU funding for Irish civil society.

During the event, Irish National Contact Points delivered excellent flash presentations on their respective funding programmes. A consultation session was held to gather feedback on how EU stakeholders can better work together to increase the impact and visibility of EU funding in communities, and participants connected with a variety of EU stakeholders, including government department representatives, county council staff, and community group representatives.

The successful event has laid the foundation for stronger collaboration between Irish civil society and EU stakeholders, paving the way for improved access to EU funds and increased engagement in European policy.

Check the consultation summary here.

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