Don't Forget to Vote in the EU Elections!

May 30, 2024

The Wheel is delighted to be working with the European Parliament Liaison Office to bring you updates in the run up to the #EuropeanElections2024 on 7 June. The elections are just over one week away so don’t miss the opportunity to #UseYourVote!

Sign Up for Free Voting Reminders

You may have already bookmarked 7 June in your calendar, but why not take advantage of the European Parliament’s free voting reminders? The more people vote, the stronger our democracy becomes.  

Promote Your EU Elections Activities with is a project run by the European Parliament dedicated to engaging people in European democracy. In addition to hosting events, also provides a free platform and resources for organisations to promote their own EU-related events and activities. Check them out below and get inspired to encourage voter participation in your community!

Use Your Vote videos

Download and share the European Parliament’s videos and pictures to inspire and persuade others to make their voices heard in the 2024 European elections. Views have soared from 180 million to over 390 million in just two weeks, with nearly 250 million of those being completed views. Add #UseYourVote when posting on social media.

Social media

Make an impact on social media with ready-to-use visuals, social media cards, graphics and more. Make every post a call to vote for the 2024 European elections! And don’t forget to add #UseYourVote  


Make your communication memorable by using the European Parliament’s EU Elections logo, e-mail signatures and PPT template.

Ready to print

Download ready-to-use materials, such as leaflets, posters and visuals, to distribute essential facts and practical information about the 2024 European elections.

Island voters

For the first time in European Elections, island voters will this year vote on the same day as voters on Ireland’s mainland. Prior to this, voting has always taken place on the islands off Ireland before the rest of the country to ensure that bad weather did not hamper the return of ballot boxes to the mainland in time for the count. Read more here.

Curious to find out what happens after the Elections?

Have a look at the timeline to the new EU institutional leadership created by our colleagues at the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS).

This blog was brought to you by the European Parliament Liaison Office and The Wheel.

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