Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation (NDICI) - Global Europe

Global Europe is the EU's funding programme to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development in EU neighbourhood countries. It replaces EuropeAid.

Aims & Objectives

Global Europe’s top priorities are:

  • Human development
  • Social inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Climate change
  • Environmental protection
  • Migration-related actions

Global Europe will be organised around three key pillars:

  1. THE GEOGRAPHIC PILLAR will foster dialogue and cooperation with third countries (main focus: European Neighbourhood, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Americas and the Caribbean).
  2. THE THEMATIC PILLAR will fund support to human rights and democracy, civil society, stability and peace, conflict resolution and global challenges.
  3. THE RAPID-RESPONSE PILLAR will allow the EU to rapidly and effectively intervene for conflict prevention and to respond to situations of crisis or instability.

What does it support?

Supports will focus on funding actions:

  • Supporting education and human development
  • Tackling climate change
  • Fostering digitalisation
  • Boosting sustainable growth, jobs and trade
  • Promoting the rule of law and European values

Who can apply?

Information will follow soon.

Why the EU funds neighbourhood, development and international cooperation

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€79,5 billion over 7 years for cooperation with third countries outside the European Union.

Project Examples

None yet.

National Contact Point in Ireland

Not yet decided, more information will follow soon.

Open Calls

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