European Parliament (EP)

The European Parliament is the legislative branch of the European Union and its communications grants programme provides funding to advance its institutional communication strategy.

Aims & Objectives

The main aims of the communication grants programme are:

  • to raise citizens’ awareness of the role and democratic values of the European Parliament
  • to reach more audiences to share the work of the European Parliament
  • To reinforce the importance of citizen involvement and representation in European decision-making.

What does it support?

The European Parliament communication grants programme provides the following funding:

  • Grants for media partnerships and media actions: multimedia projects in the fields of television, radio, online and written press aimed at providing citizens with non–partisan and factual information about the EP and showing the impact and relevance of the EP and EU action on people’s daily life.
  • Engagement grants: actions aimed at promoting the role of the EP and its democratic values and supporting citizens’ democratic engagement.
  • Grants to promote and support specific EU-wide events like the Conference on the Future of Europe or the European Youth Event.

Who can apply?

  • Civil society organisations
  • Public and private stakeholders
  • Specifically: organisations/bodies that foster the representation and participation of citizens in the European democratic life and can reach a wide audience.

Why the EU funds this

Read more about EU policy on the topic of European Citizenship and values.


The indicative budget available for media and engagement grants in 2020-2021 is € 8.8 million.

Project examples

NasCSO by European Movement Ireland. NasCSO aims at building and developing greater connections between civil society organisations (CSOs) in Ireland and the European Parliament.

National Contact Point in Ireland

European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland


Open Calls

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