Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the EU’s funding programme for providing support to the culture and audiovisual sectors.

Aims & Objectives

The Creative Europe programme aims 

  • to strengthen the transnational creation and circulation of European works and artists;
  • to enhance the capacity of European cultural and creative sectors to nurture talents, to innovate, to prosper and to generate jobs and growth.

What does it support? 

  • CULTURE strand: initiatives promoting and enhancing artistic and cultural cooperation at European level
  • MEDIA strand: actions encouraging the competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the European audiovisual sector
  • CROSS-SECTORAL strand: initiatives promoting innovative actions and collaboration across the audiovisual and cultural sectors

Who can apply?

Non-profit organisations, municipalities, associations, town councils, charities, foundations, etc. 

The sectors funded may include architecture, archives, libraries and museums, artistic crafts, audiovisual (including film, television, video games and multimedia), tangible and intangible cultural heritage, design (including fashion design), festivals, music, literature, performing arts, (including theatre and dance), books and publishing, radio, and visual arts.

Why the EU funds art and creativity

Read more about EU policy on the topic of Arts, creativity and heritage.


€2,54 billion over 7 years.

Project Examples

Currently funded projects in Ireland

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National Contact Point in Ireland

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Open Calls

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Want to find out more?

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