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UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund and was established after World War II, to help child refugees. Then, as now, our vision is a world where every child has a safe and healthy childhood. We are a children’s rights organisation, dedicated to realising the Convention on the Rights of the Child for every child.





Type of organisation:

non-governmental organisation/ non-profit


  • Education and training
  • Young people / youth work
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Human Rights
  • Children
  • International aid


  • Research
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Development of education and training materials and programmes


Together with our partners, we work in over 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focused on achieving our vision of a world where every child has a safe and healthy childhood and is able to fulfil their potential. In places where children need us to work in an emergency capacity we are present before, during and after crisis.UNICEF Ireland is one of 33 independent, non-profit National Committees around the world that fully support UNICEF’s mission to advance the rights and well-being of children and youth.

We aim to inspire people in Ireland to be champions for children by supporting, promoting and investing in the rights of every child in the world. UNICEF Ireland’s role is to raise funds for UNICEF, advocate for lasting change for children worldwide, and we work to change policy and raise awareness about children’s rights in Ireland, the region and globally. Nowadays, a big part of UNICEF Ireland’s focus is working with young people to improve their mental health and to protect learning – both important elements of children’s wellbeing. Besides that, important work is carried out to engage young people in the political process.

For instance, UNICEF Ireland works with the Government to ensure young people have engagement in the climate debate. Furthermore, every year in November, linked to World Children’s Day (20 Nov), a #KidsTakeOver is organised: a takeover of Taoiseach’s office and a day which focuses on key issues affecting children and young people. This year (2021) just took place with a teenage farmer and climate activist, who discussed one-to-one with the Taoiseach how a positive climate future for every child can be achieved by protecting nature and farming livelihoods.

At a regular basis, youth activism trainings are organised for Transition Year students to learn more about advocacy and activism. Through their youth activism and advocacy work, UNICEF Ireland ensures that voices of young people are being heard and become part of decisions that would impact their lives. Besides this, UNICEF Ireland is currently formalising and scaling up the Child Rights School Programme to support schools in Ireland on children’s rights to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured, and they are able to thrive. Connected to this, UNICEF Ireland also offers (CPD) Summer Courses for teachers to explore embedding the Convention of the Rights of the Child into their teaching practice.

EU Project Experience

Some experience

UNICEF Ireland is currently coordinating their first EU Project being part of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014 - 2020). Duration: March 2021 - February 2023. Previously, we have been engaged in a programme for DG ECHO.

EU Funding Goals

We like to learn how other organisations are engaging with children and youth or advocating for children/youth, and how we could embed their good practices into our organisation so we can support and invest in more children.


We have a longstanding expertise in children's rights both in the Irish context as the wider world, due to the extensive UNICEF network in 190 countries. We can use the experiences of this wider network as well for the benefits of an EU funded project.


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Esther Konijn

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EU Project Officer

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