The Model, Home of The Niland Collection

The Model is one of Ireland’s most dynamic and innovative centres for the contemporary arts. We are a vibrant cultural institution dedicated to promoting arts, heritage and education in Sligo. We offer diverse programmes, exhibitions and initiatives, impacting the local community through our cultural and artistic contributions.





Type of organisation:

NGO/ community-based organisation/ charity


  • Active citizenship
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children
  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • Health services and health promotion
  • Heritage
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration, refugee and asylum seeker supports
  • Mental health
  • Peace and reconciliation
  • Rural development
  • Services for older people
  • Services for people with disabilities
  • Services for Travellers and ethnic minorities
  • Social inclusion
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment
  • Urban development
  • Volunteering
  • Young people / youth work


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • Digitalization
  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Cultural and artistic innovation
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns
  • Research
  • Scientific innovation
  • Technological innovation

EU Project Experience

No experience

This organisation is new to EU funding and will be supported by the Access Europe team.

EU Funding Goals

In our new European partnerships, we aim to:

  • Build a robust network for collaborative projects in the first two years.
  • Focus on larger projects with specific outputs and coordination roles within five years.
  • Coordinate multiple projects with higher-level outputs and results in ten years.


The Model offers expertise in:

  • Cultural exchange and artistic innovation.
  • Community engagement and outreach.
  • Effective project management and partnership coordination.
  • A strong network of local volunteers and artists.


Contact Name:

Glenn Gannon

Job Title:

Development Officer

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