TASC - Think tank for Action on Social Change

TASC is an independent think-tank whose mission is to address inequality and sustain democracy by translating analysis into action.





Type of organisation:

NGO/ community-based organisation/ charity


  • Active citizenship
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Education and training
  • Employment and job creation
  • Environment
  • Health services and health promotion
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration, refugee and asylum seeker supports
  • Mental health
  • People in vulnerable situations e.g. domestic violence.
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Social inclusion
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • Digitalization
  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns
  • Research


We conduct research and analysis into social and economic issues, cultivate awareness and debate and provide a platform for the public to engage with political representatives, influence policy and supporting change.

Our practical work involves helping people affected by climate injustices, social inclusion and inequality. SI - we helped 66 people come out of debt in 2021. CJ- we worked with over 450 community members in Ireland generate their own solutions to climate change in Ireland.

EU Project Experience

No experience

This organisation is new to EU funding and will be supported by the Access Europe team.

EU Funding Goals

In 1 year - have successfully secured 1-2 projects and gained experience with EU projects.

In 5 years - be very experienced and be working with multiple organisations across the EU.

In 10 years - be a recognised EU partner and have projects which encompass all areas of our work: inequality, social inclusion, climate justice and democracy and possibly newly developed areas as a result of the funding.


  • Expert research
  • analysis
  • community led climate action
  • connection between government and public
  • influencing decision makers
  • hosting conversations
  • influencing policy
  • cultivating awareness and debate
  • work on local, national, and international level
  • community development
  • encouraging a more participative and inclusive society
  • public outreach


Contact Name:

Dr Shana Cohen

Job Title:

Director at TASC

Email Address:
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