Rethink Ireland

Rethink Ireland has raised over €30m in philanthropic funds to open 32 funds and support 300+ projects/organizations working innovatively to solve social and environmental issues. We provide cash grants and business support to charities, community and voluntary organizations, and social enterprises working in Irish communities across the country. Our vision is to build the world's best ecosystem for social innovation in Ireland.


Nationwide with offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway



Type of organisation:

Not for profit organisation (Funding organisation)


  • Education and training
  • Employment and job creation
  • Mental health


  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Cultural and artistic innovation
  • Governance
  • Research

EU Project Experience

Some experience

1. FUSE Project(National Competence Centre for Social Innovation). Lead partner. Funder: ESF

2. Financing social enterprise in Ireland. Lead partner. EasI.

EU Funding Goals

We want to focus on building a network, learning, and participating as a partner in projects.

We are interested in: social innovation, financing social innovation, learning from other funders (funding agencies), learning from Grantees, accelerator programmes, scaling social enterprises, best practices for funders.

We fund projects in the areas of: education, health, the green transition and social enterprise so we would also be interested in partnering in those types of projects.

We have a broad network and 5+ experience of funding the not-for-profit sector.


Access to the leaders of not-for-profits throughout Ireland. Monitoring & measuring programmes impact. Running accelerator programs (tuition in impact measurement, strategic planning, fundraising etc). Expertise in grant-making.


Contact Name:

Rosie Howlett-Southgate

Job Title:

Research Manager

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