Project Espwa

We source and transport humanitarian aid to ordinary people in crisis. Currently there is a need for items such as food, nappies, warm clothing and medical supplies in Ukraine, we are supplying depots in Lviv, Kyiv, Zamosc, Pryzemysl and Lopatyn. Logistically we are sending everything from 10 ton generators to vegetables, hospital beds to sleeping bags. Thousands of ordinary people are benefiting from the supplies we are sending. We have sent 40 truckloads of aid since the invasion in March.





Type of organisation:

NGO/ community-based organisation/ charity


  • Children
  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • Housing and homelessness
  • International aid
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Services for people with disabilities
  • Sustainable development
  • Volunteering
  • Young people / youth work


  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Scientific innovation

EU Project Experience

No experience

This organisation is new to EU funding and will be supported by the Access Europe team.

We have no experience with regard to EU funding however since 2011 we have facilitated more than 50 volunteer trips to Haiti to carry out construction projects. Since 2016 we have shipped over 40 x High Cube containers of aid to Haiti, 3 x containers to Honduras and 5 x containers to Dominican Republic. All of the aid shipped is donated here in Ireland, is collected, sorted and packaged for shipping. All costs are fundraised by us.

EU Funding Goals

We have already identified the projects we would like to support in the coming years.

We want to increase support to Haiti, Honduras and Dominican Republic. We aim to continue our support in Ukraine. We are also looking at shipping aid to Africa.

Our biggest obstacle to doing more work is us having to fundraise to do the work we do. The more time we spend on fundraising the less time we spend sending containers of aid.


We are seriously well organised. Our single greatest strength is we are brilliant at logistics. Over the last ten years we have built up a network of supply chains to the countries we aid.

Just recently, we worked with Foodcloud and facilitated the shipment of refrigerated foodstuffs to Ukraine. We have since transported more than 150 tons of food to Ukraine.


Contact Name:

Kieran Tansey

Job Title:


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