Inishowen Development Partnership

IDP covers an extraordinary amount of ground, ranging from job creation; education, skills and training; the social economy and entrepreneurship; farm sustainability and rural development; to family support, social inclusion, health and wellbeing. The very foundation on which IDP has been built is one of collaboration and successful relevant projects delivered over 20 years within the national, regional, cross border and international arena and is testament to our commitment to key stakeholders, the people of Inishowen. With a continual focus on responding to the needs of the community we serve, IDP understand the importance of engagement in the context of social, rural and gepgraphic isolation.


Inishowen Co Donegal



Type of organisation:

NGO/ community-based organisation/ charity


  • Active citizenship
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children
  • Education and training
  • Employment and job creation
  • Environment
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Health services and health promotion
  • Heritage
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration, refugee and asylum seeker supports
  • Mental health
  • Peace and reconciliation
  • People in vulnerable situations e.g. domestic violence.
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Rural development
  • Services for older people
  • Services for people with disabilities
  • Services for Travellers and ethnic minorities
  • Social inclusion
  • Sport and exercise
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment
  • Volunteering
  • Young people / youth work


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • Digitalization
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Cultural and artistic innovation
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns
  • Research

EU Project Experience

Substantial experience

Funded by Erasmus+ BLUE C is a strong international partnership across 6 countries advocating for coastal communities and micro entrepreneurs. As part of the project plan each partner has committed to organise local focus sessions that will be the space to gather the opinions, experiences, and ideas from our target group and asking what really matters. The findings from these will form the basis of the BLUE-C learning programme, BLUE-C platform, and the BLUE-C regional network.

Funded by Erasmus+ ITs4Women was a partnership project focused on getting a picture of gender equality in IT across 5 countries and developing a platform to help women find a career pathway in ICT.

Funded by Erasmus+ StagePass focused on young people, music and mental health. Young people travelled to The Netherlnads and Derry to connect, share and make music together. Partners were from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland, and The Netherlands.

EU Funding Goals

We have people, place and progress of our rural and coastal peninsula at the core.

We offer Inishowen as a location to pilot social innovation and demonstrate success stories.


  • Community Development
  • Engagement
  • Social Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Local Development
  • Innovation


Contact Name:

Shauna McClenaghan

Job Title:

Joint CEO

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