Football Cooperative

Football Cooperative is a Men’s Health intervention with the mission to place recreational-football as a vehicle to bring men together to promote health. We aim to get more men physically active through football by removing barriers, building-community and making-organising-easy. Through a consolidated-network of sites, volunteer-Game-Coordinators lead-out weekly games through a place based model. Year round activities are inclusive to all fitness and football abilities.





Type of organisation:

Social enterprise


  • Health services and health promotion


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • Digitalization
  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Cultural and artistic innovation
  • Governance
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns
  • Research
  • Scientific innovation
  • Technological innovation

EU Project Experience

No experience

This organisation is new to EU funding and will be supported by the Access Europe team.

EU Funding Goals

Our vision is to replicate our model across Europe.

We are initially looking to build our network and develop a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities that will present from replicating our model outside of Ireland.

Beyond this, we see potential in both coordinating and collaborating on multi-stakeholder projects to ensure we ‘do it once and do it right’ with regards to growing our sites and football community.


We have shown great capability to build our case for support and currently are an enterprise partner on a research study investigating the health impacts of participation in recreational football through social return on investment framework.

We have formed strong relationships with our stakeholders - sporting, health and community & voluntary related.

We have a sophisticated deliver model that can continuously evolve with more support, effort and focus.


Contact Name:

Steven O’Connell

Job Title:

Founder/Site Lead

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