Education for Sustainability

Our mission: ensure our young people are climate literate by 2030 and foster behaviour change. Our courses are being delivered in over 261 schools nationwide: direct impact on 20,300 students & 563 teachers. Further impact on wider school/ local community, local businesses and families. We have won 8 environmentalist awards, planted over 3,000 native trees, completed 187 action projects, partner with 11 Local Authorities and we won Social Entreprise of the year 2024 at the LAMA awards.





Type of organisation:

Social enterprise


  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • Sustainable development


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • Digitalization
  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns

EU Project Experience

No experience

We have worked with teacher from other European countries at Europass to deliver our 8 Week Climate Literacy Programme, evidencing best practice so that they can adopt a similar model in their schools

EU Funding Goals

Short Term

Continue to build the awareness of our brand and the programmes we deliver:

  • our Principals' Platform - a toolkit and roadmap for principals to create a sustainable school with a focus on curriculum, campus and community;
  • our 8 Week Fully Funded Climate Literacy Programme, workshops, teacher training etc.

Partner with, learn from, integrate and network with likeminded people/companies etc - learn from best practice and evidence the work we are doing so we can extend our reach from Ireland into Europe.

The topics we cover include:

  • Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Climate Justice, Fast Fashion, Upcycling, Plastics & the Ocean, Biodiversity Loss and we are very passionate about Taking Action through action projects.

We partner with schools to execute their actions projects and this has a further impact on the local community/businesses/families etc.

Medium Term

Scale our programmes into Europe  to be replicated by schools, principals, teacher training institutions and companies.

Partner with principals, teachers, trainee teachers and university students to deliver our message/programmes and best practice for our young people.

Long Term

co-ordinate projects to connect schools, principals, students, trainee teachers and university students in Ireland with our peers in Europe. Roll out our online learning platform through the EU (based on the one we have developed for the curriculum here in Ireland).


Our online learning platform is excellent and other people/schools/educators etc. could learn from us through this.

Our resources are well researched, accurate, up-to-date. Most importantly, they are interactive, fun and delivered using language that can easily engage students. They are age appropriate and we have a community space for students to share their action with their peers and teachers. Because it is online, and not a written book, we can adapt them as needed in response to the climate crisis.

Another advantage we have is our team of facilitators. They deliver our programmes in schools and universities. They are an excellent resource because they are involved in spreading climate sustainability awareness in other fields also. They are fully trained to focus on the wellbeing side of climate action and ensuring the wellbeing of our students is protected.

We are changing behaviour on a more systematic scale through the development of our Principals Platform and others could learn from this. This will integrate the SDGs into the policy writing and therefore impact behaviour change across all three areas of the school: community, curriculum, campus. The Principals Platform is an online sustainability schools toolkit which will provide Principals with the knowledge, skills and tools to create a sustainable campus. It encapsulates the ESD framework for schools around sustainable policies and sets a roadmap for Principals to follow.

Another strength we have is that we are on the ground working in schools across Ireland, in local communities, with other charities and organisations and 11 Local Authorities. We are well connected on a national level and our founder, Susan Adams, is an inspirational leader and one of Ireland's 'Top 50 People to Watch out for in 2024.' Sue is an environmentalist, TED speaker, and conservation educator with determination to make impact by empowering our young people, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and tools to live in a just and sustainable world. A real strength of the programme is that she puts students at the centre of making informed change and our programmes, action projects and workshops would be an excellent addition to schools, universities and businesses in other countries, too.


Contact Name:

Orla Sheehan

Job Title:

Programme Manager of Education

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