We are a national migrant support & human rights organisation. We help asylum seekers, refugees & migrants access their rights & entitlements by providing information and advocating on their behalf. We operate an Advice/Information Centre, online/telephone support, and outreach services. Our work covers immigration support; education & employment assistance; and supporting victims of racism & victims of human trafficking. This direct support work is complemented by public advocacy & campaigning.





Type of organisation:

NGO/ community-based organisation/ charity


  • Active citizenship
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Education and training
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration, refugee and asylum seeker supports
  • Mental health
  • People in vulnerable situations e.g. domestic violence.
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Social inclusion


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns

EU Project Experience

Some experience

Stakeholder Partnerships for the Integration of Migrants (INTEgreat): The project aims to build a stronger integration strategy and ecosystem for migrants and asylum seekers in Europe through:

  • 1. Analysis of the local contexts; development of an innovative Integration Strategy Framework (ISF)
  • 2. Implementation of 5 pilots in 5 different partnering countries IT, ES, EL, CY, IE to test the framework
  • 3. Development of a methodology to measure the impact of the pilots and creation of exploitable materials
  • 4. Dissemination of results through a newly created web-based platform and social media.


EU Funding Goals

Participating in projects that develop and promote good integration practice and policy; promote and support access to education for refugees and migrants; and aim to combat discrimination and racism.


We have

  • extensive connections and involvement with refugee and migrant communities
  • a strong campaigning and policy aspect to our work
  • engagement in a range of national networks and coalitions.

We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • anti-racism
  • international protection
  • education
  • anti-trafficking.


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John Lannon

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