Cork Nature Network

Cork Nature Network strives to protect and promote Ireland’s Wildlife through education, research and conservation. We aim to help restore a healthy, functioning ecosystem for both wildlife and human populations in Ireland. Increasing awareness surrounding conservation is central to achieving this goal, and we believe that through education and participation, we can enhance our communities while protecting our beautiful wildlife.





Type of organisation:

NGO/ community-based organisation/ charity


  • Animal welfare
  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Sustainable development


  • Development of education and training materials and programmes
  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Policy, advocacy and campaigns
  • Research

EU Project Experience

No experience

Cork Nature Network is currently seeking to broaden their base of funding to include EU Project work.

This organisation is new to EU funding and will be supported by the Access Europe team.

EU Funding Goals

Our aim is to explore various pathways of support within the EU Programme, gathering knowledge which will in turn provide us with possible opportunities within the system.

In the short term, CNN would like to focus on establishing a great network and developing strong relationships with like-minded organisations at EU level. We are seeking EU member state and Irish partners who work with education/public outreach and research on a wide variety of conservation projects that could help advance our work, including but not limited to, our Otter project, rewilding toolkit, and education website.

The Otter project, initiated in 2016, aims at studying and protecting otters in Ireland. The Eurasian otter has been in decline across Europe since the 1960s. In Ireland however, their numbers have remained relatively steady, making Ireland home to one of the healthiest populations of otters in Europe. We aim to continue our work in understanding, protecting, and raising awareness of the Eurasian Otter.

Rewilding is a conservation practice that involves allowing ecosystems and habitats to be restored through natural processes. This is a valuable conservation model for promoting the creation of large, well-connected natural landscapes with high diversity and richness of species. We have developed an education website with free online resources which we hope to expand.


We are a dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate and knowledgeable, growing in size and scope from our founding in 2015 into a professionally led organization delivering high-quality projects and public awareness campaigns.

We have a demonstrated record of engaging local authorities, working with and developing partnerships, and training individuals and communities in biodiversity planning and management. We also work with schools to engage students with citizen scientist projects and have developed an education website with free online resources which we hope to expand.


Contact Name:

Noma Timile

Job Title:

International Partnership Coordinator

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