Clarecare is a well-known and trusted organisation with an excellent track record which is in existence for over 53 years. Clarecare has touched the lives of many through its wider range of services which includes Day Care, Home Care, Social Workers for Older People (over 22,180 older people supported), Family Support Services (over 620 children and families supported), Addiction Support Services (over 980 individuals supported), Advocacy, Connect Clare Café’s and Thrift Shops.


Ennis, Co. Clare



Type of organisation:

Social enterprise


  • Addiction
  • Children
  • Services for older people
  • Volunteering
  • Young people / youth work


  • European learning networks and exchanges
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Technological innovation

EU Project Experience

No experience

Clarecare has no EU funding experience but some staff have experience working on previous EU Programmes.

This organisation is new to EU funding and will be supported by the Access Europe team.

EU Funding Goals

In 1 year: Clarecare would like to learn from the experiences of EU partners, gain an understanding of the type of projects which could be developed and become skilled in participating in networks and contribute from the experience of over 53 years providing social care services.

In 2 years: Building a network, learnings and participating as a partner in elderly care projects such as (a) Home Care, (b) Elderly Care

In 5 years: Participating as a partner in Family Support projects and Addiction Support projects in addition to elderly are projects. Develop towards coordinating our own projects.

In 10 year: Coordination of multiple projects in the areas of Elderly Care, Family Support Services and Addiction Support Services.


For almost fifty-four years, Clarecare has provided high quality services to those in need in our local community and it is from these strong foundations that we plan to group.

The scale of the healthcare challenges facing all communities across Europe are unprecedented. Clarecare plays an important role in responding to the diverse challenges and growing demands and will share our skills, experiences and learnings with  EU partners and will value insights gained through these partnerships in addressing challenges through collaborations and shared experiences.

We passionately believe that everyone living in our community should be able to access high quality, excellent and person-centered care when they need it. Based on our values, we believe that our services should be delivered in the most appropriate and efficient way to respond to the needs of the individuals and their family. Through involvement EU Projects we feel this can be achieved.


Contact Name:

Martina Minogue

Job Title:

Social Enterprise Development Officer

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