TASC is an independent think-tank whose mission is to address inequality and sustain democracy by translating analysis into action.

TASC’s Constitution presents its main objectives as:

  • Promoting education for the public benefit

  • Encouraging a more participative and inclusive society

  • Promoting and publishing research for public benefit



Contact name: Louisa MacKenzie


Contact email: lmackenzie@tasc.ie

Research Experience & Interest

What is your organisation's research experience?

Have you been involved in a research project before (national or European)?

What research topics have you worked with before?

What research topics or questions are you interested in?

What skills and capacities are you able to offer to a research projects and its partners?

We have 20 years of experience in independent research with a focus on identifying credible solutions and policy recommendations for the societal issues of inequality, social inclusion, climate justice and democracy. Our work is about addressing the root causes of problems rather than alleviating immediate needs.

Yes, we are experts in the field in terms of high-quality, independent, mixed method research practices on a local, national, European and global level.

Inequality, social inclusion, climate justice and democracy are our 4 main streams of work. But we also would have worked in the areas of housing, healthcare, education, human rights, precarious jobs, the care economy, the digital landscape, literacy... the list goes on. You can view all of our work here: https://www.tasc.ie/publications/

We are welcome to any research topics which will have a positive societal impact.

Expert researchers, mixed methodological research practices, PhD researchers, community dialogue experience, network access to academics, corporations, specialists, grant makers, local development networks, politicians, decision makers.

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