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Rethink Ireland supports the most innovative non-profit organisations working in communities across the country.

Rethink Ireland provides cash grants and business support to the social innovations who can make a real difference. Our task is to fuel these innovations with the knowledge and the advice they’ll need to succeed on a nationally impactful scale.

We’re here to open doors and give them access to the networks and connections who can help them spread their ideas throughout Ireland. We nurture communities of like-minded organisations who come together to share thoughts and approaches.

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Research Experience & Interest

What is your organisation's research experience?

Have you been involved in a research project before (national or European)?

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What research topics or questions are you interested in?

What skills and capacities are you able to offer to a research projects and its partners?

We are a social innovation fund. We support other not-for-profit organisations with cash grants plus consultancy support. We have supported over 290 social innovations (projects/organistions).
We have been successful in We have commissioned research (do ne by other institutions) on different Funds, to understand the value of the supports we assign. One example would be our Education Fund.
We do not have large-scale direct research experience.

We are currently a partner in Social Enterprise in Ireland: Models of Impact Investing and Readiness”, which is funded by the European Union under the EU Programme For Employment and Social Innovation – EaSi (2014-2020).
The project is delivered in partnership between Rethink Ireland, Dublin City University and Community Finance Ireland, with the support of the Irish Social Enterprise Network.
It is the project’s mission to co-design and develop new social financing instruments and an investment readiness tool for social enterprises in Ireland over the course of two years.

Social finance

Social innovation, social finance, finance for social enterprises, social enterprises, impact management, sustainable finance for social innovation, the third sector, best practise for funding agencies/venture capitalism. The social issue areas that we allocate funding to are; education, health green transition, equality. Therefore, we are also interested in research in those 4 key areas, which we already have experience in and have large networks within.

We have a high-skill team. In terms of research expertise, we have 2 staff with recent PhDs and several other highly trained Masers graduates. We have our Business Intelligence & Operations manager who has 10+ years of experience in writing and working on EU projects including doing Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for projects. We only have 2 experiences of writing proposals but we are keen to do the process more.
We can provide; a. access to not-for-profit groups and social enterprises, these groups work with minority communities b. expertise on funding /methods of funding social innovation.

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