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NEWS: Conference on the Future of Europe Launched on 9 May

A man holds two children and text reads "The future is in your hands: make your voice heard"

Coinciding neatly with Europe Day, the Conference on the Future of Europe officially launched on 9 May in Strasbourg.

Over the coming year, Europeans are being asked to join the biggest participatory process ever held in the European Union and share their input to shape the future of Europe. The Conference is divided into themes, ranging from climate change to migration and health to the EU's role in the world. Everyone can participate by sharing ideas on the multilingual digital platform and taking part in national, regional and local events across the EU.  The EU's institutions will examine how to best follow up and ensure citizens' voices are heard. 

Check out The Wheel’s blog on the Conference here and watch this short video for a handy overview of the Conference and its goals.

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