LIFE - Technical Assistance preparation of CLIMA SIPs

Deadline :
September 7, 2023 5:00 PM

Brussels time

Project Duration:
Funding available:
EUR 400,000
Partners required:

Funding programme

LIFE is the EU’s funding programme dedicated to the environment and climate action.

Call overview

This call supports the preparation of CLIMA Strategic Integrated Projects.

Call details

The objective is the preparation of CLIMA Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs). CLIMA SIPs projects

(1) aim at the implementation of:

- National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP)24[1] Regulation on the governance of the energy union and climate action (EU)2018/1999.

- National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAP).

- National or regional adaptation strategies or action plans.

- Urban or community-based action plans pioneering the transition to a climate neutral and/or climate resilient society, including climate-neutral cities plans and actions, for instance in the context of the EU Mission ‘Climate neutral and smart cities’ and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

- National, regional or industry-/sector-specific greenhouse gas mitigation strategies or low carbon economy roadmaps.

(2) at large territorial scale

(3) with the involvement of all concerned stakeholders

(4) and include a coordination mechanism for funding supporting complementary measures necessary for the full implementation of the targeted plan or strategy.

Therefore the main objective of the TA-PP project is the submission of a full proposal for a CLIMA SIP.

Activities funded

The overall objective of a TA-PP-CLIMA-SIP project is writing a SIP proposal under the sub-programme Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, so all activities must contribute to this goal.

As a general principle, all activities included in the Technical Assistance project must be new and additional to the work undertaken by the applicant prior to the project. In general, and amongst others, the activities:

  • should not be research;
  • should not include statutory responsibilities of the competent authority;
  • should be completed within the duration of the project;
  • should be clearly related to the objective(s) of the project and the corresponding SIP.

Activities may include (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • recruitment of new personnel and training for writing a SIP proposal;
  • contracting external assistance for writing a SIP proposal;
  • information collection for the preparation of a SIP proposal (e.g. on sources of funding)
  • networking, consultation and coordination work for preparing and writing i the SIP;
  • coordination with stakeholders to be involved in the Strategic Integrated Project;
  • developing financing plans where such plans are not already part of the targeted strategy or plan;
  • mapping of the actions complementary to SIP and their potential sources of funding
  • writing of the SIP proposal full proposal or concept note and full proposal itself.


In order to be eligible, the applicants (beneficiaries and affiliated entities) must be legal entities (public or private bodies) and be established in one of the eligible countries, i.e.:

  • EU Member States (including overseas countries and territories (OCTs))
  • non-EU countries:− listed EEA countries and countries associated to the LIFE Programme (associated countries) or countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature.

Consortium composition

TA-PP projects are designed to support authorities responsible for the implementation of the plan/strategy/action plan targeted by the SNAPs or SIPs to prepare their SNAPs and SIPs applications. The authority responsible for the plan/strategy/action plan should in principle be thecoordinator of the TA-PP project.

In well justified cases it may participate not as coordinator, but it should in any case be part of the TA-PP project consortium. For all topics, the coordinator must be established in an eligible country.


The duration of a TA-PP project should not exceed two years. It is expected that a TA-PP project aims to prepare a proposal for the LIFE-STRAT-two stage call which is published one year after the currently open LIFE-TA-PP call to which you submit your TA-PP application. Therefore, the reasonable end date of a Technical Assistance project is one year after the next submission deadline for the full proposal (stage II) for SIPs/SNAPs. Only in exceptional cases a TA-PP project should aim at the preparation of the full proposal for a LIFE-STRAT-two stage call, which was published in the same year as the LIFE-TA-PP call.


The available call budget is EUR 400,000 and the maximum EU contribution is EUR 70,000.

Apply now

Deadline :
September 7, 2023 5:00 PM

Brussels time

Project Duration:
Funding available:
EUR 400,000
Partners required: