ESF+ - Implementation of a European Tracking Service for pensions

Deadline :
May 11, 2023 5:00 PM

Brussels time

Project Duration:
Funding available:
EUR 5 000 000
Partners required:

Funding programme

The European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) aims to support member states and regions to improve employment and education opportunities, to enhance social inclusion and to tackle poverty.

This call for proposals is financed under the Employment and Social Innovation("EaSI") strand of the ESF+ which is a European-level financing instrument. It provides financial support to achieve high employment levels, fair social protection, a skilled and resilient workforce ready for the future world of work, as well as inclusive and cohesive societies aiming to eradicate poverty.

Call overview

This call aims to facilitate the access to pension information and improve pension awareness of mobile workers, self-employed and citizens who have worked and accrued pension rights in the participating countries.

Call detail

The main purposes of the call are to facilitate the access of workers who exercise their right to free movement to pension information, thus contributing to their pension awareness and pension adequacy, and to support the capacity of national pension schemes to provide such information, in particular to former members who have moved to another country, by bringing together information from pension sources in different Member States, preferably NTSs, and present it in a meaningful way for the user – mobile worker or citizen.

The actions supported by this call will contribute to the implementation of EPSR principles number 12 ‘Social protection’ and number 15 ‘Old age income and pensions’ and facilitate EU freedom of movement by providing an overview of individualised, objective and impartial information to EU movers about accrued pension entitlements and projected retirement income by all possible pension sources in a simple and understandable manner. Once these functionalities have been achieved, EU cross-border pension tracking service should ideally also facilitate a sound retirement planning.

The main priorities of the call are:

- to identify and apply appropriate digital solutions for identification and authentication of users, allowing to transfer the necessary pension data from national data holders to the cross-border tracking service;

- to set up the connectivity of NTSs as a prerequisite to access or collect individual pension information of mobile EU citizens;

- to implement and operate cross-border pension tracking services;

- to carry out further development of the service, including the connection of as many NTS and potential other stakeholders as possible.

Raising awareness of the initiative, mobilising the relevant stakeholders and creating broad interest and buy-in will be considered as another priority for this action.

Activities to be funded

In order to achieve the objectives described above, the principal activities during the project will include establishing connections to national tracking services (NTS), improving the functionality of the service, including by extending the pension provider functionality by adding more pension providers, strengthening the organisational capacity and promoting pension communication.

The successful applicant should in the first place identify how personal pension data may be safely transferred from data holders to the cross-border tracking service in the context of existing legal frameworks, such as data protection rules, at national and EU level. The successful applicant will be strongly encouraged to make use of the existing or planned digital building blocks developed in the framework of the European Digital Strategy, such as eDelivery, eIdentification, eSignature and Automated Translation.

The types of activities which may be funded under this call for proposals include:

− actions aiming at the creation and improving of networks;

− digital infrastructure development, such as web portal / platform / application for providing access to individual pension information and database of pension providers;− awareness and dissemination actions;

− conferences, seminars;

− capacity building and training activities;

− analysis, studies.


The available call budget is EUR 5 000 000. This budget might be increased by maximum 20%.The Commission expects to fund one proposal.

Project budget (maximum grant amount) is expected to range between EUR 4 500000 and EUR 5 000 000 per project.


In order to be eligible, applicants must:

+ be legal entities - public law bodies, including Member States’ organisations, or non-profit private law bodies

+ be established in one of the eligible countries, i.e.:

  • EU Member States
  • non-EU countries: EEA countries in accordance with Article 29 of the ESF+ Regulation

Consortium composition

Proposals by both single applicants and consortia are allowed. To be eligible, applicants must fall into one of the categories below, either

- public law bodies, including Member States’ organisations

- or non-profit private law bodies

Proposals submitted by a consortium should be composed of at least two applicants (beneficiaries; not affiliated entities).


Projects should normally range between 54 and 60 months (extensions are possible, if duly justified and through an amendment).

Apply now

Deadline :
May 11, 2023 5:00 PM

Brussels time

Project Duration:
Funding available:
EUR 5 000 000
Partners required: