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The National Association of Community Enterprise Centres (NACEC) represents a network of 250+ Enterprise Ireland funded centres and hubs across the Republic of Ireland.

The Vision of NACEC is to power community enterprise, driving balanced, sustainable economic growth by enabling centres and hubs to be the game-changers they strive to be in their communities.

NACEC has built its vision on government policy and in response to the needs of communities, entrepreneurs and our rapidly evolving workforce in a changing world.

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In May 2020, NACEC CLG led a major Covid-19 Impact and Recovery Survey which provided a comprehensive snapshot of the issues facing enterprise centres/hubs across Ireland as a result of Covid-19. It captured the challenges and sought to identify the solutions to get the Irish enterprise hub network re-opened following the first lockdown in Ireland. The research received the active co-operation of key vested parties including enterprise/technology centres, food/digital hubs, co-working/remote working hubs, college/university incubators in Ireland regardless of private, public (DACs and university hubs) or community-owned (CLGs), not-for-profits, social enterprises or NACEC membership.

From June – July 2019, NACEC led a major Strategic Consultation Process across the  stakeholder network to establish a robust collective evidence base, as a benchmark of the sector and the challenges and opportunities faced. This was NACEC’s fourth survey of the sector in Ireland within 9 years (2010, 2013 2016). The 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan proved the outcome of this work and formed the basis for the successful application for the Regional Transformation Programme to the Regional Enterprise Development Fund 2019.

NACEC is also a partner in two Erasmus Plus Projects which are:

We are currently developing two additional research projects for the Hub and Centre Sector in partnership with the Western Development Commission which will address 1) Governance 2) Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities across the sector.

  • Strategic Opportunities & Challenges for the Community Enterprise Centres

  • The impact of Covid-19 on the future of the Community Enterprise Centre Sector

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, small business

  • All matters relating to co-working and remote working

  • Social Enterprise

  • Balanced Regional Economic Development

  • Digitisation in Communities

  • Internationalisation of Micro Business

  • SMART Communities

  • Sustainability

  • Regeneration of villages and towns

  • Access to Communities

  • Test Beds / Living Labs

  • Bottom's Up Expertise

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