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Irish Rural Link is a national network of organisations and individuals campaigning for sustainable rural development in Ireland and Europe.

Our mission is to influence, inform on local, national and European development policies in favour of rural communities, especially those marginalised as a result of rural poverty, exclusion and isolation, and support rural communities to implement appropriate strategic programmes that improve their circumstances.

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 Irish Rural Link have extensive primary and desk based research with a focus on rural issues. This is inclusive of organisational research, state commissioned research and European project work.

Irish Rural Link are currently invovled in European projects, both Erasmus and Horizon working in partnership with a number of National and European academic institutions. In the Horizon experience our primary research task was to carry out extensive case study analysis into a number of innovative suuccessful Irish rural enterprises to identify common success indicators.  Through Erasmsus we conducted research to identify the Dynamics and Trends of the silver economy and active aging.

Active Aging, the Rural Economy, The silver Economy, Meals on Wheels, Rural Poverty and Social Inclusion.

Rural Enterprise/Social Enterprise, Rural Community Development, Rural Social Issues, Rural Poverty, Social Inclusion. Climate Justice and social justice.

Irish Rural Link have a staff profile with extensive primary and desk based research experience and qualifications from Masters to Phd level.  Research Activity is part of the organisations daily work. We have extensive experience in survey management and focus group management. Irish Rural Link has a membership of about 600 rural groups representing 25,000 members.

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