Disability Federation of Ireland

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Our vision is an Ireland where people with disabilities and disabling conditions are fully included and enabled to reach their full potential.

We want an equal chance of:

  • Getting an education

  • Finding and keeping a job

  • Having a sufficient income and staying out of poverty

  • Choosing where to live and with who

  • Accessing buildings, shops, sports and arts facilities

  • Accessing transport

  • Accessing assistive technologies and healthcare that allow for the fullest lives possible



Contact name: Meredith Raley


Contact email: meredithraley@disability-federation.ie

Research Experience & Interest

What is your organisation's research experience?

Have you been involved in a research project before (national or European)?

What research topics have you worked with before?

What research topics or questions are you interested in?

What skills and capacities are you able to offer to a research projects and its partners?

Our organization has conducted research before:

DFI has been involved in three EU projects. Two completed Erasmus+ projects: Unlocking Freedom and CISCOS and a currently ongoing EaSI project, UNIC. DFI was a partner in all three projects. In CISCOS and UNIC, our role was the monitoring and evaluation partner. CISCOS involved universities in Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Research topics have included the effects of training for both people with disabilities and civil servants, best practices in personal budgets, the effects of assistive technology, and independent living.

Assistive technology, independent living, training, PPI, better services for people with disabilities, housing for people with disabilities, employment for people with disabilities, human rights and the UN CRPD.

As an umbrella organization that also engages in community development, DFI offers access to a wide variety of disability organizations and knowledge about the issues facing people with disabilities, as well as access to communities. We also offer a deep knowledge about advocacy and the expertise and experience of our staff.

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